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Dbeibah and Libya
Political Analysis

Is Abdul Hamid Dbeiba’s Government Reaching its Expiration Date in Libya?

While Dbeiba appears to have survived this crisis as protests have died down in Libya, he seems increasingly entrenched in Tripoli, encircled both politically and, potentially, militarily by his opponents. The fate of his government and the potential resurgence of armed conflict hinges on how the next few weeks unfold as Dbeiba tries to balance delicate alliances.

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The Recanati-Kaplan Applied History Initiative (AHI) is a response to the need to inform Middle East policy with deep historical insight. The AHI serves as a hub for historically-minded research into the Middle East’s most pressing diplomatic and strategic issues. Its work is to encourage historians to apply their work to Middle East policy, and to support policymakers with historical insight as they approach the region’s key issues. 

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