Jay Mens
Executive Director

Shlomo Roiter Jesner

Patrik Kurath
Executive Vice President

Fellows & Staff

Dr Gad Yishayahu
Senior Fellow, Lead Researcher on Security and Crisis

A scholar and practitioner specializing in Foreign Policy Crisis and crisis management, Dr Yishayahu is presently serving as a Visiting Lecturer at the University of London (City), where he completed his PhD, and a Research Fellow at the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism, Reichman University (IDC Herzliya).  Dr Yishayahu was previously a Visiting Scholar at the Department of Politics and International Studies (POLIS) at the University of Cambridge. His research focuses on contemporary Foreign Policy Crises and their implications on the discipline of crisis management.

Tugela Pepin
Director of Operations

Manara Magazine

Florence Coumbe
Associate Editor

David Levy
Associate Editor

Strategic Brief

Dr. Javad Heiran-Nia
Current Affairs Analyst

Samir Alhajar
Current Affairs Analyst

Nasser Elamine
Current Affairs Analyst

Malek Jadah
Current Affairs Analyst

Eren Bagis
Current Affairs Analyst

Nazli Tarzi
Current Affairs Analyst

Abdulla Hawez
Current Affairs Analyst

Youssef Sharaf
Current Affairs Analyst

Dr. Hayim Iserovich
Current Affairs Analyst

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