"Charting a New Path:
The Kurdistan Region of Iraq and UK Relations"

Charting a New Path: The Kurdistan Region of Iraq and UK Relations

Published in June 2023

This report aims to analyse the major trends that have shaped the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI) over the past two decades and develop a set of research-based policy recommendations to help address chronic challenges and identify growth opportunities that will contribute to the region’s prosperity and stability.
The report’s findings are based on in-depth research conducted between January and June 2023 and a series of interviews conducted with interdisciplinary experts and policymakers. On 28 April 2023, a policy workshop was held at Trinity Hall, University of Cambridge, hosted by Audere International and the Cambridge Middle East and North Africa Forum. The report draws on the conclusions of the high-level workshop, which was attended by senior researchers, energy experts, and policymakers from Iraq and the wider region.

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